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Say Goodbye to Eye Fatigue with Asper™ Multi-Functional Eye Massager

Jennifer Jorde

July 6, 2020

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Many people suffer from eye fatigue, which can lead to tired, sore, dry, or itchy eyes. This discomfort can even cause headaches and make it tough to do everyday tasks. I experience this every day, that’s why trying out the Asper multi-functional eye massager was a no-brainer.

In this review, I’ll share my experience using this product. Was it effective or just no results at all? Keep reading to find out!

Product Overview

The Asper™ multi-functional eye massager is designed to help relieve eye strain from looking at screens or reading for a long time. It achieves this by using acupoint pressure therapy, which involves pressing certain points on the body that are connected to different organs or systems. 

This helps improve blood flow and speed up healing by targeting specific nerves in the eyes. The massager also plays calming music, adding to the relaxation during use.

  • Reduces Eye Wrinkles

The Asper™ eye massager uses special pressure points to make the wrinkles around your eyes look less noticeable. It is designed to help your skin appear smoother and younger.

  • Maintains Good Vision

The purpose of this eye massager is to enhance your vision by promoting better blood circulation to your eyes. This ensures the ongoing health and proper functioning of your eyes.

  • Relieves Eye Fatigue

If your eyes feel tired and strained from looking at screens or reading, the massager can help. It focuses on the parts of your eyes that are stressed and gives them a break.

  • Improves Eyes’ Blood Flow

By pressing certain points around your eyes, the massager is designed to make blood circulation better in that area. This can help your eyes stay in good condition.

  • Promotes Better Sleep

Using the massager can make your eyes feel more relaxed. This might help you sleep better by releasing tension and helping you feel calmer.

  • Minimizes Eye Bags

This innovative product is also made to lessen your eye bags.  When the blood flows better around your eyes, it can lessen the puffiness under them. So, your eyes might look fresher and less tired.


One thing to keep in mind is that the Asper™ eye massager might work better for some people than others. It could be really helpful for many, but it might not work as well for everyone due to different preferences or eye problems. 

Just remember, results can vary, and if you have eye issues, it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor before using it.

Another thing to consider is, you’ll need to make sure it’s charged since it runs on a battery. I haven’t tested out the limits of battery usage as of writing, but battery charge seems to run out on average.

Quality & Value for Money

Quality matters when you’re choosing a product, sometimes even more than the price. This product offers relief from eye strain and different eye problems. Of course I’m not a professional, and I have only used this recently, but with the kind of relaxation I get from using this, it’s safe to say that for its price, it’s kind of worth it.

User Experience

I work as a freelance writer, and spending long hours in front of my laptop used to strain my eyes. I frequently get headaches, and sometimes my eyes become red and itchy, which affects my vision. However, after using Asper™ for a few days, I started feeling better. And after two weeks of using it regularly, all my eye problems and headaches went away. It’s very soothing for my eyes and helped me get rid of irritation. 

The device itself is surprisingly not as heavy as I thought it would be so putting it on was not a hassle at all. 

Plus, I really love that you can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth so I can listen to really relaxing music along with the massaging going on. If I may, I’d like to call it the perfect me-time device after a long tiring day of work in front of my computer. 

It actually can also be used to answer calls, but nah. You don’t do that while in relaxation mode. 

If there are any cons, I just don’t like that it’s kind of bulky. It’s perfect for home use, but you can’t just take it anywhere, unless you’re a fan of carrying huge totes. 

Nevertheless, I really believe it’s a good way to relieve eye strain real quick. 

Now, I’m much more productive at work, and it also improved my sleep because it helps me relax and feel calm. It was truly a life saver for me. If you know someone with eye problems like mine, I recommend this product. It could make a big difference, just as it did for me.

Star Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)


The Asper™ multi-functional eye massager has the potential to relieve common eye fatigue problems and headaches that can affect daily life. From my experience, it’s been effective in addressing these issues and promoting better eye comfort. 

While results may vary for every individual, its acupoint pressure therapy and calming music offer a promising solution. Just remember to keep the device charged as it runs on batteries, and if you have any existing eye problems, it’s a good idea to check with a doctor. Overall, this product is a valuable tool to combat eye strain and enhance your well-being.