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REVIEWED: Power Saving Devices - With Buying Tips Too!

Regina Bielke

May 11, 2020

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Power savers are devices that improve how we use energy and reduce wasted electricity by keeping the voltage stable and balancing the current. Their goal is to make our energy usage more efficient, save money on utility bills, and help protect the environment.

Saving energy is really important because it helps us save money, protect the environment, and support sustainable progress. It also encourages the development of new technologies and makes our energy supply more secure.


How to Select the Best Power Savers for Your Convenience

Energy Savings Performance

Look for power savers with proven energy-saving capabilities. Check for user reviews and ratings to ensure their effectiveness in reducing energy consumption and lowering electricity bills.

Safety and Reliability

When you’re picking a power saver, focus on models with safety features like surge protection and advanced capacitors. Make sure it’s made of good-quality materials and has safeguards against overheating and accidents.

Safety is important for the device to work reliably and to prevent any potential dangers.

Ease of Use

Choose user-friendly power savers that are easy to install and operate, preferably plug-and-play devices suitable for all technical levels.


Make sure the power saver can be used with different electrical appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. It should work well with various devices to suit different needs and situations.


Choose power savers that are strong and made from materials that last a long time. A durable device will keep working for a long time and help save energy over the years.

The Power Savers We Tried and Tested

Finding the best electrical power saver device can be confusing with so many choices and low-quality copies available. But don’t worry, our review team, who loves searching for great products, has done the hard work for you.

We looked at how long they last, what they’re made of, their designs, expert opinions, and what customers say to make a list of the top 5 options. Our detailed review will help you pick the perfect electrical power saver that fits your needs and budget. Keep reading to find the right one for you.


A. Product Overview
The ASHATA Power Energy Saver is made to save electricity and use energy more efficiently. It has an advanced capacitor system that helps regulate electricity flow, preventing sudden spikes when using a lot of power.

B. Compatibility with Appliances
ASHATA is also designed to be flexible and suitable for various applications. It can be used with air conditioning units, washing machines, refrigerators, water pumps, induction cookers, electric kettles, and more.

C. Quality and Durability
According to the packaging, the outer casing is made of advanced fireproof and explosion-proof materials, and there are internal safeguards to prevent leaks, making sure the device lasts long and stays safe during use.

D. Our Feedback
First we tried ASHATA Power Energy Saver for a month, but we’re not really sure if it did anything to help use less energy. The electricity bill did not seem to have that big of a difference.

But it’s probably because it summertime that time and our ACs were running on full blast. Installing it was easy, and we like that the design is minimalistic so it’s not an eyesore.


Product Overview

Duvik Power Saver is an easy-to-use device. Just plug it into a power socket, and the green light indicates it’s working. It aims to reduce power consumption, especially for heavy-duty loads.

Noticeable energy-saving effects typically appear within a month, with the best results seen after 2-3 months. It’s suitable for various appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, water pumps, and more.

Compatibility with Appliances
It is compatible with a wide range of electrical appliances, making it a versatile energy-saving solution. It is suitable for use with air conditioning units, washing machines, refrigerators, water pumps, induction cookers, electric kettles, and more.

However, smaller appliances like electric fans and LED bulbs may not benefit from electricity savings. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Quality and Durability
This device is built for safety and reliability. It uses capacitors to release stored electricity smoothly, avoiding spikes under heavy use. It is covered with fire-proof materials to ensure safety.

Our Feedback
The next that we tried was the Duvik Power Saving Device. It impressed us because this one seemed to actually have worked. There was quite a downgrade with our energy consumption indeed as shown in our next billing.

However it made me feel jittery because it gets hot to touch and I had to plug it out when we’re leaving home just to be safe. And this is why we decided to look for other options.


Product Overview

The smart energy power saver device is made to stabilize voltage and balance the current, which helps reduce the power used by electronic products. It saves energy and makes appliances last longer.

Compatibility with Appliances:
This energy-saving device is compatible with many appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, TVs, pumps, stereos, and fluorescent lamps. It works well in different places such as homes, shops, restaurants, offices, and small factories.

Quality and Durability:
The device is designed to be safe and reliable with a flame retardant material shell to prevent burning. It also has overheating protection, which automatically turns off the power if the temperature gets too high during continuous use. This ensures safety and helps the device last longer.

User Feedback
Another one of the options we tried was the WETEL Power Saving Device which was on sale when we bought it. After trying this power saving device, we found it to be quite effective in reducing power consumption and saving on electricity bills.

But even though it is said to have a flame retardant shell, I found the material quite flimsy to be honest. So, I’m not sure about how safe it is when it comes to overheating.


Product Overview

The Exerge™ Power Saving Device is specifically designed to reduce electric bills with its innovative and scientifically proven capabilities, allowing you to potentially cut your bills by 20 to 35%. It offers peace of mind, knowing that it can effectively save on energy costs. It comes with thee plug types the US Plug / UK Plug and  EU Plug

Compatibility with Appliances

Exerge™ Power Saver is compatible with a wide range of electrical appliances, making it suitable for various settings. Its efficient regulation of power usage optimizes energy consumption, improves energy efficiency, and prevents voltage instability. 

Additionally, when plugged in, it provides safe protection from power surges and overheating, prolonging the lifespan of your electronic devices.

Quality and Durability

Designed for reliability, Exerge™ Power Saver boasts a fire-proof and explosion-proof external shell. Its built-in modern sensor capacitor prevents electricity-related accidents, adding an extra layer of safety. 

With internal leakage protection measures, this power saver ensures it’s safe and dependable for long-term use, offering you peace of mind.

User Feedback

So we tried the Exerge™, and it really seems to live up to its promise! This device is a pioneer in power-saving technology, and it brings us peace of mind while effectively reducing our utility bills. 

Within the first month of trying Exerge™, we saw a significant 30% decrease in our electricity bills. 

The only issue I had with it, again, is the plastic shell. But it looks so aesthetically pleasing for me and does not seem to heat up.


Product Overview

The EZSave™ Power Saver is a powerful device designed to optimize energy consumption and save you money. With a voltage range of 90-250(V) and power of 2800(W), it effectively prevents voltage instability. 

It also regulates electric current, leading to efficient power usage and potential savings of up to 50% on your monthly power bills.

Compatibility with Appliances

EZSave™ is compatible with a variety of appliances, making it suitable for different settings. By regulating power consumption, it protects your appliances from power surges and overheating, promoting a longer life cycle for your electronic devices.

Quality and Durability

Designed with safety in mind, it has features a built-in modern sensor capacitor that makes it fireproof and leak-proof. This added security ensures your home is protected from potential electricity-related fires and accidents. 

With its sturdy build and reliability, you can trust it to work efficiently and effectively for your energy-saving needs.

User Feedback

We thought that we had found the best power saving device, not until we tried EZsave™. After trying it for only 3 weeks, our electric bill was cut down by 50%! We can’t believe the amount of money we saved. 

It also looks like it is made of high-quality materials, so it looks more durable and reliable compared to the previous ones we tried. 

The only thing I don’t like is the look, because it really looks like a heavy-duty device. You have to plug it in a concealed area if you don’t want it to mess with the interior design! 

But if you are after really saving up on your bills and you want it the safe way, I think this one is our keeper.

Our Verdict:

Features & Benefits ★★★☆☆ (3/5) ★★★★☆ (4/5) ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) ★★★★☆ (4/5) ★★★★☆ (4/5)
User Feedback ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) ★★★☆☆ (3/5) ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) ★★★☆☆ (3/5) ★★★★☆ (4/5)
Quality & Durability ★☆☆☆☆ (1/5) ★★★☆☆ (3/5) ★☆☆☆☆ (1/5) ★★★☆☆ (3/5) ★★★★★ (5/5)
Compatibility with Appliances ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) ★★★☆☆ (3/5) ★★★☆☆ (3/5) ★★★☆☆ (4/5) ★★★★★ (5/5)
Overall Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) ★★★☆☆ (3.25/5) ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) ★★★☆☆ (3.5/5) ★★★★☆ (4.5/5)


In conclusion, power savers are effective devices designed to benefit its users. They stabilize voltage, balance current, and provide surge protection to optimize energy consumption and lower electricity bills. When choosing the best power saver, consider energy savings, safety, ease of use, compatibility, and durability.

By selecting the right power saver, you can take control of energy consumption, contribute to sustainability, and enjoy long-term cost savings on your utility bills.

Remember, individual results may vary, but with proper use, these devices can lead to significant energy savings.



Do power savers work in all types of electrical setups?

Power savers generally work in standard electrical setups found in homes, offices, and small businesses. 

However, for specialized or industrial electrical systems, it’s advisable to consult with a professional to determine the device’s suitability.

Are power savers safe to use?

When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, power savers are safe to use. They are designed with safety features such as surge protection and fire-proof materials to minimize risks related to electricity-related accidents.

Can power savers prolong the lifespan of electrical appliances?

Power savers are designed to prolong the lifespan of electrical appliances by providing surge protection and preventing overheating. 

By maintaining stable voltage and current, the power saver can reduce stress on the appliances, resulting in extended longevity.

How do I know if the power saver is working effectively?

Many power savers have indicator lights that show when they are active and working. Additionally, users may observe reduced energy consumption and lower electricity bills over time as indicators of the device’s effectiveness.